Web-Based Building Automation Systems

The WebCTRL® system is so much more than an ordinary building automation system. It is a powerful, web-based platform with innovative software tools that allow you to keep your occupants comfortable, manage energy-saving measures, identify key operational issues, and analyze the results.
WebCTRL BACNET Network Diagram

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Building Management System Advantages

Unlock Greater Energy Savings With a Smarter Building

Our building automation system offers a range of powerful features that can make your building smarter, ultimately saving you energy and money. With fully-integrated analytics, here are some of the key benefits you can expect from this system:

Icon showing cash back to illustrate reducing energy costs using a building automation system
Reduce Energy Costs

WebCTRL® allows for more accurate monitoring of energy usage, helping you to save money on energy costs.

Building showing 5 star rating due to occupant comfort using a building management system
Maximize Occupant Comfort

With advanced control strategies, you can ensure the comfort and safety of occupants by monitoring environmental factors and controlling temperature.

Icon showing an energy bolt in between infinity style arrows showing increased energy efficiency with a building automation system
Increase Energy Efficiency

WebCTRL® can be programmed to run at peak efficiency, ensuring that your building is operating as efficiently as possible.

Icon showing PC with lock icon to demonstrate secure remote monitoring with a building management system
Remote Monitoring

WebCTRL® can be securely monitored and managed remotely, allowing you to take immediate action if problems arise.

Icon showing clipboard with checklist to demonstrate maintenance automation capabilities with a building management system
Maintenance Automation

WebCTRL® can be programmed to perform routine maintenance tasks, saving time and money.

Icon showing hierarchy graph demonstrating the ability to expand your system with a building automation system
System Expansion

With the system's open architecture, you can easily integrate new devices and protocols, allowing for more advanced control strategies and greater system expansion.

Icon with a line graph displayed on a screen to demonstrate data collection capabilities with a building management system
Data Collection

WebCTRL® stores data from the system and makes it available for reporting and analysis.

Icon showing setting symbol and update slides to demonstrate how our building automation system is backwards compatible for older software and hardware
Backward Compatibility

Take advantage of the latest technological building automation system advancements without having to reconfigure your system.

Eikon Logic Builder On Display Screen

EIKON® Software Graphical Control Programming

Designed By Mechanical Engineers
EIKON® software for the WebCTRL® system is the most advanced graphical programming tool in the industry. With the click of a button, you can build complex control algorithms, diagnose problems and run real-time or simulated operational data to evaluate the performance of a control sequence.
Created specifically for building control applications, EIKON® offers sophisticated programming features to make your building operation simple and energy efficient. Our library of pre-engineered solutions comprises advanced control algorithms and can easily be tailored to your building’s mechanical HVAC systems, ensuring precise control and comfort.
Eikon Logic Builder On Display Screen
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Energy Reports on a Tablet Display
Energy Management Analytics

EnergyReports Software Analytics Edition

Advanced Building Portfolio Analytics

The EnergyReports™ Analytics Edition helps you make faster, data-driven building energy management decisions by providing advanced analytics, machine learning, and actionable insights to reduce costs, save time, and forecast and track performance.

The EnergyReports™ Analytics Edition builds upon the EnergyReports™ Dashboards Edition by adding several key analysis and visualization capabilities for advanced energy management across your building portfolio.

Find Savings In Scheduling, Peak-Demand, And Drift Inefficiencies:

Energy Reports Screen

EnergyReports Dashboards Edition

The EnergyReports™ Dashboards Edition offers a comprehensive and up-to-date perspective of your building’s energy and sustainability performance.

By utilizing the cutting-edge WebCTRL® building automation system, this platform provides a complete 360-degree view of building performance, empowering stakeholders to achieve their energy conservation and savings targets.

This advanced version of EnergyReports™ takes the existing features of the EcoScreen Edition to the next level by allowing operators to generate a range of dynamic graphical representations, reports, and dashboards to effectively visualize building data.


With EnergyReports™ Dashboards Edition, operators can:

Eco Screen Dashboard

EnergyReports Eco Screen® Edition

Engage Your Occupants in Your Sustainability Story

The EnergyReports™ Eco-Screen® Edition allows you to engage building occupants by showcasing your building’s energy conservation and sustainability measures.

It’s an innovative way to bring your building to life, making its behind-the-scenes workings, both engaging and interactive.

Designed for a non-technical audience, the EnergyReports Eco-Screen Edition retrieves information from the WebCTRL® building automation system and other sub-metered and renewable generation systems and makes it accessible to those who impact building performance the most – building occupants.


By increasing awareness of energy efficiency programs and sustainability initiatives in your facility, people and teams across your organization are encouraged to collaborate around shared sustainability goals.

Innovative Building Solutions for Any Industry

We understand that each industry has unique needs and challenges when it comes to managing their buildings and facilities. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. Whether it’s improving energy efficiency, enhancing security, or streamlining operations, our building automation systems can help businesses and organizations achieve their goals. Choose your industry below to explore the benefits of a building automation system.

WebCTRL Building Automation System Dashboard
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