Can Your Building Be Smart?

 You might call it “Smart” if it could:

  • Display live data such as current temperature, humidity, energy and water usage, indoor air quality (IAQ), and outdoor air conditions.
  • Show live data from each floor, zone, or room.
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics – measures, anticipates, provides insight, and automatically responds to  system conditions that are not necessarily critical, but may be trending that way – all with the goal of  improved operational performance
  • Time-lapse™ Graphics – rolls back time, up to a 24-hour slice, playing back hours of real-time data in just minutes
  • Setpoint Optimization – calculates optimum setpoint values based on actual operating requirements
  • Optimum Start – assures comfortable settings at time of occupancy based on building conditions and system capacity
  • Environmental Index™ Tool – measures, analyzes and compares data, helping you balance comfort with efficiency

  WebCTRL building automation system provides powerful energy-saving and analytics features that are fully integrated at installation to make your building “Smart.” 

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